Back on track Fitness Studio had a specific idea of how they wanted their website to look and feel. It needed to be modern, bold, strong, but with a friendly and motivational approach to any age or fitness ability.

Having not updated their existing site in over 5 years, it was really starting to establish its age and the functionality on mobiles and tablets was non-existent. It was time for a change, an update.

After sitting down with the client and ensuring their passion for fitness and the drive to help people beat back on the correct course in regards to the health it was clear that we needed to reflect this in the design and layout of the site to get this message across.


ClientBACK ON TRACKPlatformWordPressServicesLogo Design, Branding, Web Design, Web DevelopmentYear2017 – 2018
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Flat and Modern Logo Design


We had something to work from, however, this was a project that seemed to grow over time as the client realised there were features that needed to be given to potential members, including a timetable of classes.

From a design perspective, we took off by simplifying and streamlining the colour palette. To complement the dark blue in the Back On Track logo, we incorporated a deep red as a secondary colour. We extended this streamlining process to the typeface, as well.

It was then a process of exploring the information architecture, identifying content opportunities that had previously never been developed. To get the best user experience possible, we made the site more engaging with imagery while trying to keep the wording concise and enlightening. This vision encompassed virtually the entire site, from the homepage, join up page, timetable (with filter options), and all calls to action.

Once near completion, we enlisted the expert wordsmith skills of Ilsa Hawtin from WordSure. Ilsa developed the text into a punchy and concise read. Thank you, Ilsa.


We worked closely with the clients on each detail of the additional features and design, and hope you agree we delivered a striking website for the fitness market. The customer is really pleased with the result.

Clear Output Design Studios would also wish to thank our referral partner HitchinTV for referring this fantastic website project for us to work on and Ilsa from WordSure for her expert work.

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