Social Media Marketing is only a section of the Digital Marketing phenomena. Most of us are now using Social Media for personal interactions with friends, family and more increasingly, business. Clear Output Social Media Consultancy Daventry can help deliver your message and engage with potential customers.

Social platforms, such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are growing in popularity year on year. If you ignore promoting your business, services or products through Social Media Marketing, you could be blocking out potential customers, buyers and suppliers. Clear Output Social Media Consultancy, Daventry will help create the best campaign for your business.

Does my business need social media?

Your customers love to buy but don’t love to be sold too. Social media is a great way to target your potential market and interact with a variety of techniques to encourage 2-way engagement and to start the relationship building process.

Let us tell you why?

People will read and hear your message without thinking that they are being sold to. Nobody likes to be sold too, but they sure like to buy!

People buy from friends! Social media enables you to build relationships. How many of your friends on FaceBook or twitter are actually your friends? Interact with them enough online and they’ll become your friends.

Speedy responses! Yes, you can be open to negative comments, but you can respond quickly and turn this around with a positive response and resolutions.

Over 90% of brands are using more than 1 social media platform, do you want to fall behind?

Social media is used more and more for purchasing decisions. Stay in front of your customers and they will start to remember you when they make a buying decision. Social media marketing is a cost-effective way of getting a return on investment if done correctly.

It is not who you know, but who they know! You are not just spreading the word of your brand to your followers, but to their followers also.

What is the next step to implement Social Media marketing?

Social Media Marketing involves effective communication with a point of contact, planning, research, administration, reporting and online engagement. Clear Outputs Social Media Consultancy, Daventry can tailor a package to suit your business whether you are a start-up business or a larger business.

We can talk you through a marketing questionnaire to create your social media marketing plan.

As there are no annual contracts, we can adapt your package on reporting performance or you can upgrade or downgrade with 30-days notice.

The cost depends on the amount of activity and time we spend on Social Media marketing, we can provide you with an idea from the outset.

Let us craft your ideas into a digital reality.

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